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“Virtus Floreat” Virtues will flourish forever!

While happiness may have a passive meaning,
flourishing always involves the development and progressive
completion of one's potential, through ...
capabilities, skills, thoughts, wishes, and will.

To place your order for your WHS Vellies please click on the link below and complete the order form.

WHS Vellies Order Form:                                        


Email your proof of payment to Juanita:



Walk like a Kudu

The vellies are available at the school office if you wish to fit it first before you place your order.

All Vellie orders MUST be paid first before your order will be finalized.

Sell 10 pairs or more WHS Vellies, you will get 1 pair FREE for yourself.


We will soon launch a competition where you can win a pair of WHS Vellies on the WHS Facebook/Instagram pages.

If you are not following these pages yet – please do so now to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


WHS Facebook Page:

WHS Instagram Page:

Feel free to contact Juanita if you need any further information. 

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Kopie van SHOES (1) - Deur PosterMyWall gemaak.jpg
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