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Founded in 1917, Windhoek High School is a Namibian Government School with a rich cultural heritage, an excellent academic and sport track record and continuous commitment to the personal development of all learners.  


We believe that God created every human being with inherent potential for personal greatness.


Like the seeds of trees, children are dependent on the right conditions, elements and opportunities to germinate and grow into what they are destined to become.


At Windhoek High School we are committed to create and sustain a learning environment that optimize opportunities for personal, academic, sport and cultural development for every learner, instilling a sense of self worth and personal purpose, armored with the guiding, Godly values they need to reach their full potential.


We believe that every child, at his or her personal best, can apply themselves to create kinder, competent and flourishing communities.


Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted! - Matthew 13:8


Virtus Floreat : Virtues Flourish. While happiness may have a passive meaning, flourishing always involves the development and progressive completion of one's potential, through capabilities, skills, thoughts, wishes, and will.


“Flourishing is the highest good of human endeavours and that toward which all actions aim. It is success as a human being.


The best life is one of excellent human activity.” ~ Aristotle


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